So Now I’m Blogging!

Ok, I promised Curtis that I would give this a try. Then, I saw Ken right before my walk and I felt like I better do something or I will have failed the pilot test. So here goes my entrance into the blogging world!

I chose the title “About The Learning”, because I basically believe that is what life is about. It’s no accident that I am in education, because what could be more interesting than learning. Now, I’m learning to blog.¬† Here are some of my questions¬†about this blogging tool:

  1. The interface for writing seems pretty straight forward, but when I go to Visit Site I cannot readily see how to switch back to writing mode besides using the arrow keys.
  2. How do I change my password? I checked settings, but could not find an option to change the impossible to remember password that Ken gave me.
  3. Also, in terms of this blog what are tags, categories, and the advanced options?
    I see that there is a publish status box? Do I decide to publish myself or is their a review by an editor?

That’s about enough for now. Let’s see if I can get this blog out! OK, when I went to Preview This Post I noticed that my nice formatting was lost. There were no numbers. I like the numbers.

Here is an example of distance learning topics.

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